Development: Development Compass Rose


This lesson was introducing the class to different ways of asking question we started off by asking lots of geographical questions and with me writing the first word they said on the board: who, where, what, why, when and how.

I then asked if there were any other ways of asking questions which left them a little stumped, so I showed them the Development compass rose, which I had simplified and added pictures, they then got one to stick in their books.

We talked about each of the sections and then I showed them this picture which they also stuck in their books, but this time in the middle with lots of space round the outside.  My higher ability group had to come up with their own questions about the picture and write them in the rose, this lower ability group got a lot of short questions of strips of paper that they had to place around their picture.  What we had done with the picture was to write the words: natural, political, social and economic on each of the sides of the picture.  Once they had done this, I checked and they stuck them down.

They then had to create their own questions based on the picture and the development compass rose.

Here is an example of their work:


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