Blooms Taxonomy and NC levels


I am currently on an Improving Teacher Programme along with a couple of other newish teachers at my school.  We get to go in and observe lessons focusing on specific things each week.  This week we were looking at questioning.  In a history the teacher was fantastic, different techniques, all the students were engaged and the environment they were in aided to this.

There was on the wall (which was referred to during the lesson) a Blooms Taxonomy scale in student speak, with example history questions and there was the curriculum levels.  I struggle with accessing my students higher level thinking and having it on the wall for the students and myself to see I thought would be really helpful.  Some of my higher ability students are also very aware of the level they are working at and want to progress and so by having this up it will hopefully help them figure out what they need to be doing to access the higher levels.

Feel free to print it out and stick it up in your classroom, let me know how it impacts on your teaching if you do.

Blooms and NC levels powerpoint slides – can print, could show before you do a question!


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