Development: Comparing Countries with Top Trumps


This lesson was used to get the students to find out about MEDC’s and LEDC’s and then to be able to choose ways that they could compare them.  Find out information about them and then play a game!

Students had to write on their mini whiteboards 4 MEDC’s which had to be different from the person next to them, to do this they looked at their map from their previous lesson on What The World Eats where we had looked at the North/South divide and then could choose any 4 countries from above the line.

Once I had checked these they got to fill in their Top Trumps cards using the information from the atlases on Wealth, Water, Food and Doctors.

They then did this with 4 LEDC’s.  Once they had finished it was cutting out time and time to play with the cards.

There were various games I made them play:

  1. With all their cards MEDC’s and LEDC’s
  2. Just with MEDC’s to see which was the best country using the factors I had chosen
  3. Just with LEDC’s to see which was the worst country

Whilst they were playing I went round and questioned them all as to what they think was the best way to compare countries and why they thought a certain country was winning or losing.

When I have scanned in one of their books I will add in my example!


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