Development: Showing Inequalities in Development


This was a lesson where I got the students out of their seats to find out the information for themselves.  They were given an Inequalities table sheet which they had to fill in by going round the room looking at the Flags and Figures, figuring out which flag was which and then reading through the information and choosing the correct parts to go into the table.

We all then got back together to check that they had managed to get the correct information (see powerpoint for correct answers).

We then as a group worked out the ratios and wrote them in.

They then had to use their table to describe what countries had the most and the least, for this I gave them inequalities sentence starters.

After that we looked at proportional maps which was a bit of a difficult concept for many of my students to understand we then created our own. (there is one in the powerpoint – if you are to use this it will need tweaking a lot as I managed to not save my final one!)

As my last post I will add an example when I have scanned it in.


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