This blog is going to be used to share differentiated geography resources with the world!  Or maybe just anyone that needs them.  The resources will be mainly for year 8 low ability groups as we have ‘set’ our groups for the first time and I have 2 of them, which is proving to be an interesting journey.  Much effort and time goes into planning these resources so that they stay focused and feel like they have achieved something for every lesson.  There will be all sorts of resources added for our schemes of work this year:

  • development and comparing countries
  • moving around – migration and displacement
  • fantastic places
  • the global fashion industry

and then if we get onto it (which is unlikely)

  • a ‘new’ India
  • power to the people – Should Queniborough have a wind farm?

Feel free to download my resources, (just make sure you credit appropriately!)

Feedback is really appreciated, thanks.



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  1. The resources on this website are excellent! I have downloaded your taxonomy levels and development compass rose. I will be teaching the compass rose once back at school in the new year. We are covering the topic of ‘fantastic places’ in a form of our unit ‘passport to the world’ for year 7. I am constructing it from scratch and it has taken up quite a lot of time so far. I was wondering if you already had any resources made for your topic of fantastic places? There are some things on the internet but definitely not to the standard I have seen from this website already! Well done this stuff is great!

    Chrissy (Geography teacher at Charter Academy in Portsmouth)

    • Thank you! We do indeed teach fantastic places for year 9 I think that we got most of our resources that we use for it from geography teaching today website. I will see what I have, but will only be posting when I have differentiated them for year 8 which will be in a few weeks time.

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